Best-In-Class Service

Aries continues to lead the industry in advanced electronic location and execution.
Our proprietary waterfall process continually monitors your files for assets, while highly skilled account managers oversee each phase to ensure the highest quality, cost effective process in the industry.  That translates into the fastest, most efficient value-add recoveries, especially for your dormant judgments.
The collection process begins upon delivery of your file into our proprietary collection system. We acknowledge receipt, reconcile to your report, and immediately include your records in our waterfall process for asset location. We also verify and recreate judgment information with the court systems as needed to ensure accuracy of all data.
Our channel partnerships with best-in-class service providers enable us to deliver a complete collection strategy throughout the judgment enforcement process.  Custom reporting is available to keep you up to date and in total control of your inventory at all times. 
Our account managers oversee every step of the process to ensure
best-in-class results and react immediately to potential issues that could arise.
Our attorney network managers communicate daily with our legal partners to monitor all phases of collection, litigation and judgment enforcement process.
Members of our in-house collection staff are recognized industry leaders. Ongoing training, call monitoring, coaching and support all help to create the most compliant and effective staff in the business.
Our client relationship managers are always available to respond immediately to any questions or concerns you may have throughout the process.