Compliance, Security and Technology


Aries remains on the forefront of compliance, security, and technology. 
Our state-of-the-art facility is secured at every entry point with electronic keypad access. Combinations are changed at regular intervals to ensure the integrity of physical security.
All visitors must sign in and are always escorted while in the building for any reason.
Our facility features the most advanced central station monitoring system constantly scanning for unauthorized entry and fire hazards.
The entire production area is monitored real time by a high definition video system.  Images can be accessed by Aries officers via network connection or smart devices. The accounting area is completely visible through rigid glass on 2 sides, secured by electronic keypad access, and video monitored 24 hours per day.
Our technology room is climate controlled and accessible only to Aries officers through electronic keypad. We feature state-of-the-art network firewall security, as well as the latest VOIP telephone communication with double redundancy cable and fiber optic connections to the cloud.  All data is backed up hourly, encrypted and transferred via the web to a secure facility. Complete tape backups are stored off site in a secure fireproof environment. We conduct PCI certified penetration testing quarterly.
Aries has a comprehensive business continuation plan in place. The plan is tested and updated each year. In the unlikely event of a disaster, Aries could restore production within 24 hours.
Aries maintains a clean desk policy. All discarded hardcopy is locked in secure console bins and shredded on site. Our policy mandates that account information is never left unattended at any time.
Our internal staff of professionals receive the most comprehensive ACA certified training available and are required to pass yearly FDCPA testing.
Our attorney network partners are all members of the National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys (NARCA.)  The vetting process includes a compliance questionaire of over 300 items including work standards and service level agreements, proof of insurance, review of all compliance and production policies and procedures and all correspondence utilized in the collection of debt.