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Aries Data Collections has been an industry leader delivering best-in-class post judgment recovery, litigation and collection services since 1999.  Our extensive partnerships have enabled us to manage all phases of the collection process including asset location, skip tracing, and our speciality niche area of post judgment enforcement and litigation.
Our client list includes some of the largest debt buyers in the industry, collection agencies, collection attorneys, schools, management companies as well as many other segments of the financial and medical fields.
Aries has partnered with the most highly skilled law firms specializing in post judgment collections throughout the United States.
Each firm is a member of the National Association of Retail Attorneys, (NARCA) and must complete a comprehensive onboarding process in order to become a partner in our network.  Dedicated Attorney Network Managers oversee each firm communicating on a daily bases to ensure each account placement is receiving maximum focus and driving the highest returns.
Our highly skilled managers oversee every aspect of the day-to-day operations including client communications, proprietary waterfall process for asset location, skip tracing, compliance oversight, audit functions, and custom reporting.  This meaningful involvement of process and compliance with all FDCPA and CFPB regulations creates value and offers our clients an added layer of security. 
By effectively managing our proprietery waterfall process and highly skilled attorney network, Aries has increased gross collections by over 300% since 2008 during this unusually challenging economy.  We've continually delivered superior results to our clients by maintaining our core values of honesty, integrity, compliance, quality customer service and leading-edge-technology.
Outsourcing all or a portion of your judgment inventory to Aries will result in greater returns for you and your clients.
For more information please contact Matthew Blake, CEO at 877-274-3753.